6 дней назад - 23.02.2021

Senior Webmaster


Адрес: Харьков
Контакт: Тамара Змиевская
Телефон: +380675422255

The client provides services in the fields of healthcare and telemedicine. The company is dedicated to helping people with alcohol addiction to quit or limit their alcohol consumption.

The project began in August 2019, was launched into production in January 2020, and is now at the stage of support and revision. DataArt is the main development contractor and has several of its own developers on the client-side. The team consists of a team lead (Full Stack, Node.js + React.js), a frontend developer, 2 backend developers, a QA, and a webmaster.

Project infrastructure: AWS is used as a hosting, Node.js on the backend, React.js on the frontend. There are integrations with third-party services for video calls, messaging, payment, and electronic recipes.

Required Skills and Experience

  • 3+ years of experience working with web technologies
  • Experience making web pages using: HTML/XHTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3
  • Experience working with SASS/LESS
  • Experience working with CSS frameworks (Bootstrap)
  • Experience developing mobile web applications
  • Experience working with Zeplin/Figma/Sketch/Photoshop
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Good spoken English

Additional Competencies

  • The ability to work with modern JavaScript frameworks
  • The ability to work with CMS templates (WordPress, Drupal, MCMS)
  • Experience working with TypeScript, HAML, Jade, JSX, Vue
  • Experience working with JIRA, Confluence, etc.

DataArt Offers:

  • Professional Development:
    • Experienced colleagues who are ready to share knowledge;
    • The ability to switch projects, technology stacks, try yourself in different roles;
    • More than 150 workplaces for advanced training;
    • Study and practice of English: courses and communication with colleagues and clients from different countries;
    • Support of speakers who make presentations at conferences and meetings of technology communities.
  • The ability to focus on your work: a lack of bureaucracy and micromanagement, and convenient corporate services;
  • Friendly atmosphere, concern for the comfort of specialists;
  • Flexible schedule and the ability to work remotely;
  • The ability to work in any of our development centers.

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