4 дня назад - 10.04.2021

Business developer


Адрес: Харьков

Job responsibilities:

  • Personally closing new and key deals for the company in a new direction;

  • Find priority areas of company development;

  • Conduct market interviews and find opportunities for new products;

  • Enter into partnerships to sell and promote company products;

  • Participate in product improvement and teamwork.

Must have:

  • Higher education;

  • At least 1 year of successful experience in business development;

  • The ability to independently plan your work;

  • Fluent in English.

Would be a plus:

  • Possession of strong written and oral communication and presentation skills;

  • Ability to constructively and convincingly express and defend one's point of view;

  • Experience in building long-term business relationships with foreign partners and clients.

NETRONIC offers:

  • Tasks and environments that will allow you to improve your professional skills;

  • Possibility of promotion within the company, as well as the opportunity to shift the company to new directions;

  • Leadership that cares about your point of view, as well as your growth and long-term cooperation

About us:



Let us introduce to you NETRONIC. We are a full-cycle manufacturer of VR and laser tag equipment, as well as tactical simulators. For the last 15 years, we have gone from being passionate about active games for players, to world leaders in the mass production of solutions for outdoor activities and learning.

Every year we open new product directions, in 2020 we started VR for outdoor activities and learning. But in laser tag, we have released 14 new products in just one year. That is why our team gains experience in non-trivial tasks and occupies top positions in new divisions.

5 important facts about us for those who want to join our team:

  • We provide a full production cycle. From concept sketches, IC & PCB design, custom case casting, and software development to the last line of code.

  • Represented in 55 countries. Our production is in Kharkiv, and we supply customers from South Korea to the USA. We participate in exhibitions all over the world. Over 1200 companies operate on our equipment, including the local Disneyland in Saudi Arabia and the US Department of Energy.

  • We create an innovative product. We work with platforms such as Unity3D, Android, iOS, LoRa technologies, GPS, Wi-Fi, and others. We have 4 patented products that are unique to the market.

  • We provide freedom to our employees and give them the opportunity to grow. We give everyone a chance to realize their ideas and potential in projects of a global scale.

  • Everyone advances with the company. The leading management team of our company has grown from ordinary specialists.

Despite a difficult 2020 for all companies, our team managed to achieve a growth of 24% (without significant cost reductions).

With you, our team will become stronger, become a part of the NETRONIC family!

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