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Менеджер ВЭД

Торговля розничная / Retail
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Работа в Менеджер ВЭД
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Описание вакансии

International company is looking for a Manager of Foreign Economic Activities.


Responsibility / Duties:

  • Manage contracts, incl. an understanding and correct application of commodity contracts and contractual obligations;
  • Negotiate a contract terms with external customers and get aligned internally to get a contract signed;
  • Plan and execute the shipment as per the commodity contract involving: interpretation of contracts terms and execution of payments including Letter of credit, DP/DA, Bank guarantee etc. according to the contract;
  • Supervise the planning of cargo including the vessel nomination, shipping advice, insurance declaration, discharge port agent appointment, discharge operation;
  • Oversee shipping documents and payments to ensure accurate invoicing/shipping documents issued by the shipper;
  • Maintain close contact with surveyors for preloading and /or loading and /or discharging inspection;
  • Proactively highlight and resolve risks and issues related to the execution of the shipment;
  • Finalize the shipment execution involving: Settlement of AR/AP including the Laytime, cargo payments;
  • Negotiate/settle the claims/ resolve disputes and respond effectively and proactively to problems commissions and related invoices for payment approval.



  • Maintain frequent contact and good relationships with customers both internal and external, proactively foresee and highlight the opportunities and risk/exposure;
  • Liaise with commercial, legal, treasury, accounting etc. to solve the problems, which are related to a shipment;
  • Act as a coach to develop team members' skills and knowledge;
  • Input the improvements for the effectiveness / productivity of trade execution working system.



  • Education: University Degree;
  • Work experience for at least 3-5 years in intensive dealing with international trade of bulk cargo (grains or oilseeds preferred, execution of containerized shipments is an advantage);
  • Records of accomplishment in customer relationship building and fostering team environment.



  • Proficient in MS Office;
  • Advanced spoken and written English;
  • Profound knowledge of letter of credit, Incoterms (its terms and differences);
  • Comprehensive knowledge of shipping and international practices e.g. C/P terms and its relation to sales/purchase of contracts, lay time calculations, C/P B/L requirements, etc including insurance classifications;
  • Very good negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Can work independently and under high pressure;
  • Experience evaluating risk exposure, and provides direction and input for next steps. Experience coaching work teams remember;
  • Hardworking, patient, details orientated, and team player.



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