Auditor HO

  • Компания: ПриватБанк
  • Регион: Днепр
  • Отрасль компании: Банки
  • Рубрика: Бухгалтерия - Налоги - Финансы предприятия
  • Контактное лицо: Ненич Наталья
  • Контактный телефон: 067XXXXXXX показать
  • Владение языками: Английский (средний)
  • Вид занятости: полная занятость

In line with the development of the function, Internal Audit is increasing staff capacity and opens a variety of positions in Head Office. Alongside with entry level positions (like Auditor) there are also positions for the specialists with relevant experience (like Leading and Senior Auditor).

First and foremost, this is the chance for the specialists to go through a challenge in one of the most intellectual professions, get diverse experience and lots of useful skills.Therefore, if such an offer is interesting for you, do not hesitate to apply.

Key Responsibilities:

The main task of the auditor who takes this position will be to carry out audits of HOunits and processes under the supervision of the respective team leader.In terms of audit assignments, the responsibility will be to:

  • Gather and analyze data
  • Analyze processes, identify risks and assess controls
  • Participate in reconciliation of audit findings and recommendations with representativesof audited units
  • Perform follow-up of audit findings

Required experience:

  • Prior experience in finance, accounting, banking, IT would be an asset.

Candidate should know:

  • Current Ukrainian legislation and regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine;
  • Basics of internal controls and related risks;
  • Accounting principles.

Required Education:

  • University degree (finance, auditing, accounting, business studies, economics, IT, etc.);
  • Fluent written and spoken Ukrainian and Russian; At least upper-intermediate level of English.

Required skills:

  • Good written and verbal communication skills;
  • Effective team player;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • High computer literacy;
  • Should know how to work with big sets of data;
  • Knowledge on SQL would be an advantage;
  • Readiness to travel for business purposes;
  • Tech friendly.

We offer:

  • Unique experience in transformation of the biggest and most technologically advanced Bank in Ukraine;
  • Comfortable office in the city;
  • Opportunity to improve language skills;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Excellent opportunity for professional and personal development;
  • Unique working environment with variety of knowledge sharing and trainingopportunities.



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