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Ruby Developer

Реклама / Маркетинг / PR-услуги
  • Компания проверена по коду регистрации в Гос. реестре.
  • Все вакансии этой компании актуальны и проверены.
  • Адрес: Хмельницкий, Бандеры 1/1, БЦ "Парус", 4 этаж
  • Контакт: Александр
  • Телефон: +38XXXXXXXXXX показать
  • Сайт: massmediagroup.pro
Работа в Ruby Developer

Особенности вакансии


  • Middle/Специалист

Вид занятости

  • Полная занятость

Язык программирования

  • Ruby

Тип разработки

  • Web development

База данных

  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL

Операционная система

  • Linux
полная занятость

Описание вакансии

!!!Attention!!! Only for developers from Ukraine that are ready to move to our office in Khmelnytskyi (Ukraine)


We offer you an opportunity to work on interesting and powerful projects from all over the world. First of all, we need good, independent specialists to cooperate with.




  • 1+ years of Ruby on Rails development experience:
  • Gem installation;
  • Active Record (Associations, Validations, Callbacks);
  • Routing;
  • Layouts;
  • Bundler Installation;
  • Debugging skills;
  • Skills in SQL (MySQL/PostgreSQL) and/or NoSQL databases usage;
  • Basic front-end skills (HTML5, CSS3, Lass/Sass, Jade, Bootstrap, JS/jQuery);
  • Understanding of OOP, MVC concepts;
  • Experience in working with VCS (Git, GitHub);
  • Basic Linux (Ubuntu Terminal/Capistrano) administration skills (Capistrano);
  • English (for reading technical documentation);
  • Deployment skills (Heroku/nginx/Apache);
  • Testing skills (Unit Testing, RSpec);


The following will increase your value, as a professional, for us:


  • Experience of usage JS frameworks:
  • React.js;
  • Vue.js;
  • Angular.js;
  • Ember.js;
  • Backbone.js;
  • Writing code according to best practices (DRY, SOLID, KISS, etc.);
  • Experience in TDD/BDD;
  • Experience in designing data storage schemes;
  • Experience working in team due to Agile methods using task-managers (Jira, Trello, etc.)
  • Experience in working with different APIs (Amazon, S3, Social networks, etc.);




  • Writing quality and clean code;
  • Taking part in discussions;
  • Writing/support of documentation of your projects;


We offer:


  • Salary according to qualifications and experience;
  • Official employment;
  • 28 days of paid vacation;
  • Paid sick leaves;
  • For professionals from other towns - help with moving, free realtor services and we pay the first month for your rent;
  • Corporate English Training;
  • Gym or swimming pool membership cards (if you want, of course) - Providing with qualitative and relevant training material, professional skills improvement;
  • Working in a comfortable and roomy office in IT-sector in the city center- New corporate workplace with a new modern equipment;
  • Work on challenging web application projects which we deliver to our clients from all over the world (Europe, Australia, Asia);
  • Cheerful company parties, team deathmatches in Counter Strike, or paintball. Or just dominoes :)


Join us!









tel.: +380671282587



Контактное лицо: Александр

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