Call center operator with knowledge of english language

  • Компания: Beconnect
  • Регион: Одесса
  • Адрес: улица Базарная,18
  • show on mapпоказать на карте
  • Отрасль компании: Интернет
  • Рубрика: Административный персонал - Водители - Курьеры
  • Контактное лицо: Екатерина
  • Контактный телефон: 093 XXX XX XX показать
  • Вид занятости: неполная занятость

We have job for you


we are looking for operator of call-center

How do we see this employee:

  • fluent knowledge of english or french language, german or spanish or italian;
  • may be a student

(most oof our workers combine studying with a job)

  • we do not care about your sex and age
  • able to sell
  • ready to work with objections
  • assidios
  • stress-resistant
  • friendly

What do you need to do: Selling products over the phone from an existing database

What do you get as result of your work:

  • FOR WHAT DO WE PAY: fixed payment + % of sales + bonuses;
  • WAGE LEVEL: Average salary in our company is 600$
  • START OF WORK: Free education
  • WITH WHOM TO WORK: We are young, international company
  • OPPORTUNITIES: Сareer advancement to supervisor
  • LANGUAGES: You will improwe your knowledge of foreign languages
  • WHERE: Office in loft style on Bazarnay street in the city center of Odessa
  • HOW TO GET THERE: Night shift is going home by toll-free taxi
  • GOODIES: Except tea and coffee, cacao we are treating cookies and fruits
  • SCHEDULE: Possibility to decide 5 of 6 working days, Sunday is day-off
  • HOW MANY HOURS PER A DAY: Minimal is 4 hours, maximal 12.Optimal 8hours
  • FREEDOM OF CHOICE: For us is important quantity of shifts, you can decide days and hours of start and end by your own

for English speakers: from 19.00 to 04.00;

for Franco German / Spanish / Italian speakers from 10.00 to 19.00.



viber, telegram, whatsapp,phone +380 93 100 68 20



Особенности вакансии

Знание языка

  • Английский язык
  • Немецкий язык
  • Французский язык
  • Итальянский язык
  • Испанский язык

Вид занятости

  • Неполная занятость
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