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Senior Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer

1 неделю назад
17 марта 2023
Удаленная работа
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Медичний проект Medtech з маркетинговим фокусом шукає Data Scientist та Machine Learning ?Engineer для роботи з даними та створення prediction моделей 


  • More than 3-5 years of experience in analytics. 
  • Experienced in extracting, interpreting, analyzing and visualizing data.
  • Cases in building prediction model

Who can

  • Search for Data Insights, make interpretation and implementation of them by building prediction model that affects business performance and hundreds of thousands of people

Who knows: 

  • Machine Learning
  • Customer analysis (segmentation and cohort analysis, funnel analysis, RFM analysis, NPS)
  • Web analysis/E-Commerce (CAC, Retention/Churn rate, ROI, ROAS, LTV, visits, orders, AOV, CR, Repeat customers, Margin, Sales), A/B testing
  • Market analysis (competitor's check, customer’s survey, negotiations with top clients and suppliers, analysis of market data from different (open and/or buying) sources)

Please, write your cases and how it change the performance of the company, that you worked with


Реклама / Маркетинг / PR-услуги

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