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RPA developer / Automation coordinator

50 000 — 100 000 ₴  
X-Tend Partner S.L.
2 месяца назад
07 января 2023

Development and operation regarding RPA (Robot Process Automation), i.e. developing and reliable robot that perform certain tasks, such as replying/reacting to certain emails, running certain routines (e.g. Quality Assurance processes) or downloading documents from various servers etc...

Competence/Profile background

- Java 17-


- Winium driver

- Docker (to build image which could be run in cloud or on local computer) 

- it is possible to deploy to kubernetes or docker swarm (depends on what?s needed).


- Database (SQL)

We need someone who can deploy robots to cloud or linux machine and run them in docker containers to test.

Robin Harming

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