5 дней назад - 13.05.2021

Influencer Manager


Адрес: Киев, Саксаганського
Контакт: Маргарита
Телефон: +380997159172

We are all-in-one influencer marketing software. We help our clients to start and scale their influencer marketing campaigns. Our tools empower them to find the best influencers all around the world, build relationships and measure their campaign results.

Your Role Deliverables:

1. Help our customers build successful campaigns through our web application.

2. Lead the onboarding process of our clients after they have created an account.

3. Communicate with clients (brands) to create offers and explore collaboration opportunities with Influencers. Work with them to build their influencer marketing campaigns and contribute to their growth strategy.

4. Create influencer outreach strategies that speak to the different client profiles you are managing.

5. Search and analyze social media to find the right influencers for your clients

6. Communicate with influencers (pitch offers, setup collaborations with the brands, make sure they understand the nature of the collaboration and are engaged)

7. Ensure smooth and timely onboarding of influencers, execute campaigns, monitor and report the campaign results.

8. Analyze the campaigns, optimize them in order to maximize the campaign results.

9. Collect feedback from our clients to ensure that our platform is fulfilling their needs successfully.

10. Be on top of influencer marketing trends, write content for our blog.

We Hope that You Are…
As an Influencer Manager, you are an expert in this field and always keep an eye on the current trends. As you have experience managing various influencer marketing campaigns, you already have a knowledge of best practices so you are able to consult and assist our clients with their campaigns.

You are an independent individual that is driven by the success of the campaigns and collaborations you strategize, plan, execute and evaluate. Daily success and energy is derived from closing collaboration deals with influencers on behalf of your customers.

You communicate fluently in English through email, phone and video call and are constantly primed for success.

We are waiting for your CV))) 

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